Our Services

All of our services are specifically tailored to meet your business’s needs. Our diverse range of fully managed services removes the need for multiple technology contractors, which means you spend less time vetting service providers and navigating service agreements.

Online Presence

Our professional design, website development, and marketing consultation services help promote your organization across the online landscape, producing more leads at a lower cost, by using scientific design and analysis principles.


We deploy state of the art security scanning, which uses AI to continuously analyze your systems looking for abnormal or intrusive behavior.

Software Services

We help you choose the right solution for the job, or we design it ourselves, saving you the hassle of endless research and testing. 

Cataloging Systems

When your data is organized properly, it reduces time spent searching for resources, and increases your overall efficiency, while minimizing confusion due to poor tracking of important resources that contribute to revenue. 

Process Design

Your time is valuable. Our process design and automation services minimize confusion and help you get the most out of your company’s activities by providing the tools to consistently execute best practices and significantly reduce the time needed to complete tasks, so you’re free to seize every opportunity, instead of waste time on menial tasks.


Analytics provide measurable results to ensure that your processes are optimized and performing better than ever.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and maintenance allows us to detect and remedy most problems before your operations are disrupted, minimizing potential downtime and optimizing performance.

Preventative Care

We work to identify potential challenges and threats to your business systems and solve them before they disrupt your operations and lead to unexpected and costly repairs.

Disaster Recovery

Our Disaster recovery solutions provide continuous image-based backups that allow for nearly instant virtualization of the vital data systems in your place of business, even if they’re destroyed. 

Desktop Support

When your staff need support, they can report the problem right from their workstation. The Starfruit Solutions logo in their task bar is their one-click portal for problem solving. Our engineers can connect directly to their computers and assist.

Training and Policies

We use scientific design and analysis principles to craft intuitive user interfaces and we provide training to ensure you are comfortable using them. We can also provide your organization with a variety of policies and help to develop them and train employees on best practices.

Hardware as a Service

Our hardware is insured for failure and require less financial commitment up front, allowing you more working capital, less debt, and a predictable hardware budget.

What You Get

I could go on about how we are Maine's most advanced technology service provider, but really, our biggest point of difference is that you're going to get bang for your buck with solutions designed to help you accomplish your goals. When you sign with us you'll know what we’re doing, what it will cost each month, and exactly what to expect.
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