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Starfruit Solutions offers technology services covering the full range of most modern organizations. If something that your organization needs isn't listed, just ask. We have very diverse capabilities.

Brand Identity

A brand identity establishes the overall look and feel of your brand. An effective visual brand identity is achieved by creative, distinct, and consistent visual elements including fonts, colors, and graphics.

Professional Design

Incorporate your organizations brand identity into a modern, beautiful, responsive, and informative website with a range of features, including content management, integration, eCommerce, and more.

Web Applications

Web apps are much like the applications installed on a computer, except they're hosted on the cloud, run in a browser, and can be accessed by multiple users from anywhere with an internet connection.

Network Administration

A network administrator is responsible for keeping an organizations local network and security functioning properly. In most cases we can perform the bulk of an organizations network administration remotely.

Smartphone Apps

As our world becomes increasingly connected, more users are using smartphones to interact. Our apps can be ported to iPhone or Android as smartphone applications, providing increased accessibility.

Hardware and Data Services

Starfruit Solutions also provides custom hardware, connectivity, website hosting, cloud storage, database hosting, data encryption, collaboration tools, and management applications on a subscription basis.

About Us

Starfruit Solutions is a cooperative comprised of a diverse network of professional graphic artists, designers, programmers, networking and security specialists, engineers, and general technicians, working together to provide up to date communications and turn-key system solutions for municipalities, businesses, and other organizations.

Very few projects exceed our collective capabilities and we pride ourselves on delivering powerful, intuitive solutions, and world class support.

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If the high level service of Starfruit Solutions is right for your business or organization contact us for a free consultation.

Starfruit Solutions is stationed in the heart of central Maine.